Sunday, July 13, 2008

Engine oil and filter change

You can see here the oil drain plug, and the filter carrier. Remove the drain plug (17mm) to drain the old oil into your tray.

Then remove the 12mm bolt securing the filter carrier. More oil will drain.

Pull the filter off the bolt. Underneath the filter are a washer, and a spring. Remove the large o ring in the filter carrier, and replace with a new one. Honda part number 91315-MA6-003.

You should also replace the o ring on the bolt - but I didn't. Perhaps next time.

Fit a new filter. The Honda part number is 1524-413-000. I used a Hiflo filter., number 111.

Replace the drain plug, and the filter carrier. Torque them down.

Torque the drain plug to 27 foot-pounds, and the filter carrier to 13 foot-pounds.
Refill the sump with 2 litres of oil (less if the filter isn't changed). I used a non-synthetic 20W50 oil.

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Michael said...

I just changed the oil on my 89 Spada the same way I have done many times before but this time the oil drain plug seems to be stripped as it will not tighten too its correct tension and the oil is slowly dripping out.

Any tips?