Sunday, July 13, 2008

Changing the air cleaner element

Remove the seat. Disconnect the fuel and vacuum lines from the carburettors. Remove the bolt securing the fuel tank, slide the tank backwards to remove it. This exposes the air cleaner box.

Remove the 8 screws securing the top of the box.

Lft out the old element, and fit the new one. Its part number is 17210-KFK-000.

Replace the top of the air cleaner box, the fuel tank and the seat.

Coming soon....change the engine oil and oil filter. Replace the fork seals.


Anonymous said...

Aww you lost at me at the "remove the tank" bit. Surely it's not as easy as you make it sound?

Jold said...

The tank is held on by one bolt - you can see it with the seat off.

Michael said...

I had my fuel valve set to off but fuel still came out of the end of my fuel line when I disconnected it from the carburettor. To stop this I held the tank upright but that led to a trickle leaking from the valve its self. So I just moved quickly, replaced the air cleaner and put the tank back. Do you come across this problem?

Jold said...

Michael - it sounds to me as if you have a faulty fuel tap.