Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer will be here soon.

The rear tyre has been replaced, and already has a few ks on it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jold
I have just bought a Spada in Bris Aust.... nice bike. But i have a couple of questions u may be able to anwser.
#1 what is the little red light with speed writen next to it on the speedo, it comes on at about 90Km/ph
#2 what speed dose ur spada get up to on the hiway with out trouble and in what gear ??
Cheers Maciek

Jold said...

Hi there. The light is a reminder to Japanese riders of the speed limit. I haven't ridden mine over 100k/hr

urbanmonk said...

hey mate... do you know if you can get the engine replaced or reconditioned on one of these? had one sitting in the shed for about four years with 60+ thousand ks and wondering what I need to do to get it going again and running well. Any thoughts?

urbanmonk said...

btw- anon, ive had mine up around 140 but the poor girl was screaming in 6th gear:)

Jold said...

Urbanmonk - mine has done less than 10k, so I haven't done anything to the engine apart from an oil, filter and coolant change. If the motor was going ok when you stored it, it should be ok now, but you should give it a service. You may also have to clean the carbs, and fit a new battery.
Check with your local Honda shop for reconditioning.