Friday, January 16, 2009

Replacing fork seals

I'm not going to provide a blow by blow description.

The bike has no centre stand, so you need a jack to lift it.

Remove the brake caliper, and support it with cable ties

After the fork leg has been removed, stripped and cleaned, you need to drive the top bush back in. I used a piece of 40mm plastic drain pipe to do this.

The new fork seal needs to be protected from damage - this can be caused by pits or marks on the top of the fork leg. I wrapped the leg in food wrap, which I oiled with fork oil before sliding the seal into place.

The seal was driven into place using the drain pipe, with a joiner on the end.

For complete instructions for this job, see the service manual.


Anonymous said...

Do you know fork seals size?

Jold said...

Hi there. The fork legs are 37mm, and the seal part number (Honda) is

Elise said...

What grade of oil did you use in the fork?

Jold said...

10W. I do wonder sometimes if this is right, as the suspension is quite hard.