Thursday, September 18, 2008

A good weekend for riding

The small city I live in is surrounded by hills, with many good winding roads through them. On Sunday, I rode south, past the village where I spent most of my youth, and then over Saddle Hill to Fairfield, and back to Dunedin.

On Monday (I work Tuesday to Saturday) I went north, up the harbour to Port Chalmers, and then inland on a back road towards Waitati, then along the old north highway (long ago bypassed by a motorway) to town. A very enjoyable ride.


Paul said...

"Get your motor running"
(grungy riff)
"Head out on the highway"
(repeat grungy riff)

dtwo said...

Nice Blog,

you can find "official" honda information regarding the Spada in their "fact book"